our best friends are parents

No, really... all of our best friends are parents.

And they’re the reason we created Bundle — we wanted to make their lives better in a meaningful way as they started this amazing-crazy-stressful new chapter. And since we’ve always loved trading recommendations, shopping tips, and discount codes with one another — it just made sense to start there.

Bundle is tailor-made to tackle the challenges that our friends and most new parents face:


The baby product industry is cuh-razy

You need advice you can trust when it comes to navigating complex stroller-carseat-carrier systems, celebrity-hawked diapers, and the many brands who claim to make swaddling simple (liars, most of ‘em).


A baby’s needs change every 👏  single 👏  week 👏

This means constantly loading up on different gear, larger sizes, and all kinds of things to match little one’s development. Knowing what & when to buy takes a lot of research that busy parents just don’t have time to do.


Having a family ain't cheap

In our pursuit to create the best lives for our little ones, it’s easy to get caught up in the swirl of “only the best for baby” and accidentally empty our bank accounts.

We initially set out to help our friends get it all and not go broke trying. And now here we are, ready to make new friends who also don’t hate the idea of saving time and money while trying to keep a tiny human alive and happy. 💛


our values

(we love a good value)

Parents first

Every decision we make is with your best interest in mind. We go the extra mile to make sure we’re recommending quality, widely-tested and beloved products. And we ADORE a “treat yourself” deal — you deserve fun stuff too.

Details matter

Whether it’s keeping track of your fave diapers or including that extra nugget of helpful info in our product descriptions, we strive to be the kind of service/friend that is constantly overdelivering in ways large & small.

Honesty always

Plenty of crap is on sale — and we don’t touch the stuff.  We are also ruthless about our brand partnerships — we have to 110% believe in their product and agree the discount they’re offering is worth your hard-earned money.